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Directorate of Research,Publications and Postgraduate Studies

The Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS) was established in 2001 under the former name of Directorate of Research, Publications and Postgraduate Studies (DRPS) as one of the directorate under the Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Academic). In early 2015 DRPS has been separated into two major departments: the Department of Postgraduate Studies and the Department of Research and Publications.

The main function of the DRPS is to coordinate all matters related to provision of higher education in line with University Mission and Vision.  Specifically, it deals with processing postgraduate students’ admissions, students’ supervisions, examinations, and marketing for post-graduate programs, research, publications and other related functions. Further DRPS provides administrative support for the University Postgraduate Studies Committee, as well as liaising with faculty postgraduate offices.

The Directorate's vision is to become the best provider of affordable quality education for all. In addition, DRPS is committed to provide students with knowledge and skills that promotes intellectual vigor, critical thinking, and professional success through excellence in learning, research and community services in promoting the country’s socio economic development.

The Mission of DRPS is in line with the OUT mission that is, disseminating knowledge and skills through learning, research and professional practice. The directorate is further committed to promote research activities which address the community problem, helping students to work independently to achieve the highest academic standards.

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