The OUT staffs have reputable consultancy experience as most of them posses a track record of provision of consultancy services either as individual consultant or in a team of consultants. Our areas of competence include, though not exclusively.
•    Education issues especially Open and Distance Education as well as special Education
•    Entrepreneurship and micro-finance
•    Public policies and human resource management
•    Business and organizational management
•    Environmental and physical resources management
•    Livestock and Agribusiness
•    Land use Systems Management
•    Water management
•    Legal issues
•    Nutrition, community health and food security and
•    Social and anthropological relations
The OCB strength lies in the fact that the Open University of Tanzania posses abundant experts and professionals with a diversity of professional expertise and specializations. In fulfilling some assignments, OCB collaborates with other partners to ensure quality delivery of the required services.

Information and Communication Technology  
Our Technical Expertise is varied and reflects our ability to service the diverse needs of our clients at relatively short notice.
•    IT/ICT Training;
•    Information Systems Development
•    Network Design, Installation, Management And Administrations
•    Database Systems: MySQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2
•    Languages & Tools: PHP, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, JSP, Crystal Reports, etc.
•    Web/Internet / E-commerce / Emerging Technologies: Java, JSP, Java Script, Ajax, Silverlight, VB Script, XML, DHTML, ASP, IIS,   Apache etc.
•    Operating Systems: MS Windows , Linux, Unix,  Sun Solaris